About Us - About Us

The original Strathewen Primary School first opened its doors in 1917 and the enrolment has varied over the years.  With a current enrolment of 32 students, Strathewen Primary School is a small school with two multi-age classrooms, grade P-2 and grade 3-6.  Our school, which was rebuilt in October 2010 following Black Saturday, offers outstanding facilities.  Our school gardens and grounds, developed since 2010, have won multiple awards, with features such as Cubbyland, the Village, the Fitness Trail, the hillside slide, the chicken coop, the French Chess Courtyard, the extensive kitchen garden, the synthetic turf sports court, the Fairy Garden, the outdoor stage, the amphitheatre and lots more.  Our students have a wonderful outdoor environment to explore and enjoy.


Mrs Diane Phillips- P-2 class teacher

Ms Jane Hayward- 3-6 class teacher/Principal

Mrs Maree Galvin- Art specialist, Additional Assistance teacher

Mr Rod Waterman- Italian and Music specialist teacher

Mrs Donna Ryan- Business Manager

Mr Hayden Williams- visiting MARC/Library teacher


Our school has a long, proud tradition of community and family involvement.   Parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends are welcomed into the school to share their skills and enrich our learning environment.  Our students enjoy time with ‘Reading Grandparents’, regular gardening and kitchen garden cooking programs, sewing programs, craft programs and many other activities with volunteer parents. 

At Strathewen Primary School student voice is important, with all students getting together for Junior School Council meetings each week.  Students plan events and activities, including fundraising days to raise money for special projects and to fund the education of their two sponsor children in central Bali.  Students in grade 5 and 6 are involved in an extensive Leadership Program throughout the year, connecting up with student leaders in neighbouring schools.

Students in the senior classroom participate in many additional interschool sporting programs.

Strathewen Primary School: Purpose

To assist each student to reach their personal, academic and social potential through a variety of programs,
whilst recognizing that the family is a vital element in the development of the child.
Close liaison is encouraged between the school and the family, through open lines of communication and a
high level of parental/familial involvement.
Our purpose is to provide a high quality education for all students, an education which engages, challenges,
motivates and inspires students to strive for achievement and improvement and encourages them to become
lifelong learners and valuable members of society in the future.

Strathewen Primary School: Values

The values which form the basis of the actions of the whole school community are:
•    Respect for self, others and our environment
•    Tolerance and understanding
•    Integrity in all of our actions
•    Responsibility and a commitment to learning for life and the confidence to approach challenges