Facilities - Facilities

Our state of the art school facilities, provide an outstanding learning environment for our students. 

We have junior (P-2) and senior (3-6) classrooms, all weather covered outdoor learning spaces, an Art/Science learning area and a large multi-purpose room downstairs, which is used for Music, Dance, Drama, wet weather activities and more. 

Our French Chess Courtyard is a special feature at SPS, funded by our friends from Villers Bretonneux, France, following the Black Saturday Bushfires.

The kitchen garden sees students working on propagating, planting, harvesting and cooking each week, with volunteer parent Kylee.  Along with the eggs from our chickens, the excess garden produce is sold here at school.

With a rich Art program, we have built a mud-brick kiln house in our grounds, allowing for a wide range of experiences in working with clay. 

Our students have a variety of ‘school pets’ to care for.  We have Sadie and Clyde, our Eastern Bearded Dragons, a collection of chickens, our spiny leaf insects and our foyer fish tank.  We also enjoy a wide range of wild visitors to our school and some who have taken up residence- families of blue tongue lizards, wombats, echidnas and an incredible variety of birdlife.  Our school gardens feature many safe nesting boxes for gliders and possums in the treetops and we have created a great collection of native bee hotels to encourage these friendly visitors to our school.

The school ground lends itself to a range of active play, with our large synthetic turf sports court and a great fitness track around the school perimeter, featuring a wide range of exercise stations.  There’s Cubbyland, the Fairy Garden, the Village, the hillside slide, the outdoor stage, the Rotunda play space, the amphitheatre and lots more.  Our students enjoy participating in District sporting activities such as Hooptime, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming and Interschool Sport.  Our annual P-6 Bike Education program makes use of our school collection of quality bikes for all ages.

Students have access to a wide range of ICT- with desk top computers, laptops, iPads and interactive whiteboards.  We have greater than one to one computer access for students.

With weekly Music sessions, all grades enjoy an instrumental Music program, playing everything from guitar and violin, to drums and marimba.  Our end of year concert always features a whole school production and a rich musical presentation.  Every child has a role in the annual performance.

Our specialist teacher programs include Italian, Art, Music and the visiting MARC Library teacher, in addition to a range of annual programs such as Bike Education, Swimming, Dance, Chess and additional Art programs,