Students - Students

We have our Senior grade- 3-6 and our Junior grade-P-2.  Small class numbers work extremely well and allow for a close working relationship with the class teacher.  Our current enrolment is 32.

At SPS our students enjoy a very rich curriculum program and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. 

·         Our Camp Program includes an Annual Overnight Bike Camp Prep-6 and a five day/four night camp for grade 3-6 on a rotating venue basis

·         The school Leadership Program involves all students through Junior School Council, with senior students taking on ‘office bearing’ roles.  Junior School Council meets weekly and deals with any school issues arising and plans for special events and fundraising activities.  Grade 5-6 students are involved in an excellent Leadership Program with leaders from other local small schools, which runs throughout the year.

·         Our Junior School Council fundraises to cover the financial costs of education for our two sponsor children in central Bali

·         Inter-school sporting involvements include- Hooptime days, Interschool Winter sport, District Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming.

·         School Sport includes a whole school dance program in term 4, swimming in term 1 and Bike Education in term 2.

·         Additional programs at SPS include- weekly cooking and gardening sessions, weekly instrumental Music classes, the Chess Kids program in term 4, our annual Christmas concert and production at the end of the year and lots more.

·         Our Pre-Prep program takes place every Thursday morning from 9-11am.  Littlies come along for a play based program each week and this is extended in term 4 when our transition program runs for incoming preps.